Andrea Califano


Cancer Oncotecture: A Universal Model of Tumor Survival
A Perspective article in Nature Reviews Cancer argues that targeting the proteins that direct a cancer cell’s behavior instead of the genetic alterations that initially turn it malignant could offer an effective way to classify and treat disease.
Can Math Crack Cancer's Code?
An essay coauthored by Department of Systems Biology Chair Andrea Califano in the Wall Street Journal asks whether quantitative modelling could hold the keys to identifying proteins that function as on/off switches for cancer.
Columbia Awarded NCI Center for Cancer Systems Biology
The Center for Cancer Systems Therapeutics (CaST) is developing a framework that can account for the dynamic nature of cancer and use this knowledge to disrupt the programs that maintain tumor survival.
Method for Determining Protein Function Opens Opportunities for Precision Cancer Medicine
A new algorithm called VIPER offers the first method for analyzing a single tumor biopsy to identify proteins that drive cancerous activity in individual patients.
Four Columbia Systems Biology Papers Named among Top Publications
The ISCB/RECOMB Conference on Regulatory and Systems Genomics has announced its top 10 papers of 2014-2015. Four of them involve investigators from the Columbia University Department of Systems Biology.