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2003 Publications

Zhang XH-F, Heller KA, Hefter I, Leslie C, Chasin LA.  2003.  Sequence information for the splicing of human pre-mRNA identified by support vector machine classification. Genome Res. 13(12):2637-50. Go to Pubmed
Tang CL, Xie L, Y Y Koh I, Posy S, Alexov E, Honig B.  2003.  On the role of structural information in remote homology detection and sequence alignment: new methods using hybrid sequence profiles. J Mol Biol. 334(5):1043-62. Go to Pubmed
Petrey D, Xiang Z, Tang CL, Xie L, Gimpelev M, Mitros T, Soto CS, Goldsmith-Fischman S, Kernytsky A, Schlessinger A et al.  2003.  Using multiple structure alignments, fast model building, and energetic analysis in fold recognition and homology modeling. Proteins. 53 Suppl 6:430-5. Go to Pubmed
Klein U, Tu Y, Stolovitzky G, Keller JL, Haddad J, Miljkovic V, Cattoretti G, Califano A, Dalla-Favera R.  2003.  Gene expression dynamics during germinal center transit in B cells. Ann N Y Acad Sci. 987:166-72. Go to Pubmed
Liu AH, Zhang X, Stolovitzky G, Califano A, Firestein SJ.  2003.  Motif-based construction of a functional map for mammalian olfactory receptors. Genomics. 81(5):443-56. Go to Pubmed