Department of Systems Biology Information Technology (DSBIT) provides a variety of support services to the research community at the Columbia University Department of Systems Biology, the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Institute for Cancer Genetics, and the JP Sulzberger Columbia Genome Center. Visit Pricing for more information about our rates.

Desktop support

DSBIT provides comprehensive desktop and device support to the user communities in the Irving Cancer Research Center building and the Russ Berrie Medical Science Pavilion. Desktop support is provided per user and device per year.

Software support

DSBIT supports a wide range of scientific and computational software including the latest GNU and Intel compilers for C and Fortran, Perl interpreters, Java SDKs, Matlab, BLAST, EMBOSS, HMMER, MUMmer, clustalW, PAML, PHYLIP, BioConductor, Phred and Phrap, GeneHunter, Fastlink, Merlin, PDT, TRANSMIT, Pseudomarker, Analyze, Autosacan, GOLD, plus many other utilities and programs.

Email & collaboration services

DSBIT supports a full range of workplace collaboration services, including email and calendaring (provided by Zimbra), and document management (provided by Sharepoint).

Website hosting

Our load balanced pool of web and application servers provide fast, redundant, and dynamic web hosting services.

Security and authentication

Microsoft’s ActiveDirectory provides single sign-on secure authentication to the entire computing environment. MySQL, Oracle, and MS SQL servers provide database access for both research computing and infrastructure.