Nicholas Tatonetti


Tatonetti Named Director of Clinical Informatics at Institute for Genomic Medicine
As director of clinical informatics at Columbia's Institute for Genomic Medicine, Dr. Nicholas Tatonetti leads the organizing, directing and evaluating of all clinical informatics efforts across the Institute, with particular attention on the integration of electronic health record data for use in genetics and genomics studies.
Columbia Scientists Receive Grant to Integrate Clinical and Molecular Data
Medical doctors and basic scientists tend to speak about human health in different languages. A project called DeepLink aims to provide a way to translate knowledge across multiple scales.
Columbia Awarded NCI Center for Cancer Systems Biology
The Center for Cancer Systems Therapeutics (CaST) is developing a framework that can account for the dynamic nature of cancer and use this knowledge to disrupt the programs that maintain tumor survival.
Tatonetti Lab Connects Drug Interactions to Deadly Heart Condition
Using a new data science method for analyzing observational data and validating predictions, the scientists identified several drug combinations that appear to cause a dangerous type of arrhythmia called torsades de pointes.
Data Scientists Find Connections Between Birth Month and Health
Scientists led by assistant professor Nicholas Tatonetti have developed a computational method to investigate the relationship between birth month and disease risk, finding 55 diseases that correlated with season of birth.