The Columbia Genome Center provides access to a variety of dedicated state-of-the-art tools for medium-throughput biological assays. These instruments allow investigators to perform sophisticated, multiplexed measurement of gene and protein expression, allowing for direct, quantitative measurement of mRNA, miRNA, and protein abundance. The following equipment is available:

Fluidigm BioMark HD

Fluidigm uses microfluidics to efficiently and accurately combine a wide range of sample types and chemistry choices. Applications include analyses of copy number variation, haplotyping, gene expression, absolute quantitation, single-cell gene expression, SNP genotyping, and microRNA gene expression.

Fluidigm C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep System

Whether in an organism or in a dish, cells of the same type differentiate, grow, and respond to stimuli with a high degree of heterogeneity. The Fluidigm C1 is a powerful platform for exploring this diversity. Using microfluidics, the C1 can isolate, process, and profile individual cells for genomic analysis, amplifying very small amounts of mRNA from up to 96 individual cells in parallel. In addition, the workflow for processing amplified cDNA generated by the C1 system results in multiplexed libraries that can be sequenced on any of the five Illumina sequencers available in the Columbia Genome Center. The C1 is particularly useful for studying cell differentiation, identifying responses of single cells to specific perturbations, and drug screening. Itis available for use by members of the Columbia University community. 

Nanostring nCounter Analysis System

The Nanostring nCounter uses color-coded molecular barcodes that can be used to generate high-precision quantitation of hundreds of target molecules simultaneously across a sample set. It can be used for analysis of gene expression, single-cell gene expression, lncRNA expression, and leukemia fusion genes. It can also measure microRNA expression (both alone and in combination with mRNA expression), copy number variations, and in ChIP-String expression analysis.

Please contact us to learn more about using these instruments.