The following tables show current prices at the Columbia Genome Center for:


  • Members are entities that have participated in the purchase of next-generation sequencing instrumentation with the Columbia Genome Center. Our current members are the Columbia University Department of Systems Biology and the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center. All PI's affiliated with these organizations are entitled to discounted member pricing.
  • Volume pricing discounts apply if the user has spent over $12,000 over the last 12 months (not including the current order) AND the current order is for six or more samples. Express requests are not eligible for volume discounts.
  • All invoices are sent and due at the time that you submit your samples. There is a 1.5% late fee after 60 days, compounding every 60 days thereafter.
  • The Columbia Genome Center reserves the right to modify this price list and any discounts to account for changes in operations costs and pricing of consumables.

RNA Sequencing

RNA-Seq Pricing

All RNA-seq packages for human or mouse include:

  • All sequencing consumables
  • Preparation kits: TruSeq Stranded mRNA Library Prep Kit for packages #121 to #124, using poly-A pull-down for mRNA enrichment; or TruSeq Stranded Total RNA Library Prep Kit with Ribo-Zero Gold for packages #131 and #134, using ribosomal depletion to remove rRNA. All packages retain strand orientation of transcripts.
  • Library preparation
  • Sequencing on Illumina 4000 instrument
  • Standard bioinformatics: QC, map reads onto reference genomes, estimate normalized expression level (RPKM/FPKM) of known genes and transcripts, basic comparison of RPKM/FPKM between samples or under different conditions (as required by design), summary statistics.
  • Data storage for 1 month
  • Pricing does not include specific additional bioinformatics or non-standard library preparation

For mammalians we require each sample to have a RIN > 8 as determined by a Agilent Bioanalyzer RNA chip. Please submit the Bioanalyzer report, with your samples clearly labeled. The report should be no more than 1 week old.

For an RNA-seq gene expression experiment for a mammalian genome, we generally recommend a minimum of 30 million reads per sample. For sequencing projects that require higher accuracy — such as studies of alternate splicing — 60 million paired-end reads will provide better results. For more detailed analyses to determine, for example, allele-specific expression or expression of low-abundant transcripts, 60 million to 100 million reads may be required.

Exome Sequencing

Please contact to discuss your experiment. 

Genome Sequencing

Please contact to discuss your experiment. 

Self-Prep Library Sequencing

Self-Prepared Libraries Pricing

Self-Use/Self-Prep Library Sequencing (No Reagent Included)

If you prepared your libraries you can buy NextSeq lane(s). This is recommended for experts only. NextSeq runs are usually processed within a day or two.

Self-Use, Self-Prepared Library Sequencing Pricing

Self prepared libraries packages include:

  • Sequencing on Illumina NextSeq 500
  • Data storage for 1 month
  • Pricing does not include any bioinformatics or library preparation.
  • Reagents not included