The Columbia Genome Center is a specialized environment for conducting high-throughput biomedical research. Our services include:


The Columbia Genome Center is the official shared facility for high-throughput screening and chemistry for NYSTEM, the New York State foundation for stem cell research.


More News

Columbia Genome Center Now Offers NextSeq 500 and MiSeq Self-Service
Columbia investigators who are experienced with the Illumina platform can now schedule time to use these advanced technologies for exome, transcriptome, and small genome sequencing.
Peter Sims Appointed to Columbia Genome Center
As Associate Director for Novel Technologies, Dr. Sims will devise, direct, and implement strategies for incorporating new high-throughput experimental methods into the research done at the Genome Center.
Imaging Synapses Using Fluorescent Small Molecule Probes
A collaboration at the Columbia Genome Center's High-Throughput Screening Facility has begun a search for probes that could be used to image these critical junctures in living human brains.
Study Reveals Genes That Drive Glioblastoma
Using a new statistical method developed in the lab of Raul Rabadan, a Columbia University team identified 18 new genes responsible for this aggressive form of brain cancer. Some of these genes could be targeted with existing FDA-approved drugs.