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Systems Biology Faculty Nab Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Grants to Advance Human Cell Atlas
The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, cofounded by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, is supporting single-cell genomics research by Peter Sims (pictured above) and Raul Rabadan to help advance the Human Cell Atlas project. Launched in 2016, the Human Cell Atlas is attempting to identify and define every cell type and create a collection of maps to describe the cellular basis of health and disease.
Department Honors Outstanding Young Investigators at Annual Retreat
Research diversity and innovation were the key themes at the Department of Systems Biology’s annual retreat. The all-day event included a poster session and competition, showcasing the department’s pool of talented young investigators.
Systems Biology PhD Student Wins Best Poster at SEED (Synthetic Biology, Engineering, Evolution & Design) Symposium
Sway Chen, a PhD student in the Harris Wang Lab, won the Best Poster Award at one of the premiere international conferences, the 2017 Synthetic Biology: Engineering, Evolution & Design (SEED) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada on June 23rd
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It’s All In the Math: New Tool Provides Roadmap for Cell Development
Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center have created a new tool to describe the many possible ways in which a cell may develop. Rooted in the mathematical field of topology, the tool provides a roadmap that offers detailed insight into how stem cells give rise to specialized cells.
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Sex May Not Have Evolved Without Changes in Immune System
Sexual reproduction may have never become possible if organisms hadn’t evolved a way to restrain the immune system during fertilization, according to a new study from the lab of Sagi Shapira, PhD, assistant Professor of Systems Biology.