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New Course Covers Fundamentals of High-Performance Computing
Developed by the Mailman School of Public Health in partnership with the Department of Systems Biology, the course addresses practical and theoretical challenges facing scientists interested in analyzing large data sets.
In the Press
Wang Lab Work on Bioeconomics Featured in Wall Street Journal
A collaboration between a biologist and an economist led to a new framework for describing how bacteria exchange metabolic resources. It offers a new lens for studying microbial communities based on economic theories.
How Genomic Data Are Changing Population Genetics
Statistical analysis of large data sets enables new kinds of insights into the forces that drive genetic variation among individuals and species. Molly Przeworski describes how the field is evolving and some of her lab's recent findings.
Research News
Short Tandem Repeats Shown to Regulate Gene Expression
A study led by Yaniv Erlich indicates that repeating short motifs in DNA called expression STRs can expand and contract in ways that modulate nearby gene expression. They are also associated with a range of medical conditions.
Department of Systems Biology Opens New Biotechnology Development Hub
The new space will promote the design of new experimental methods for studying biological systems, and enable an expansion of the Columbia Genome Center's next-generation sequencing capabilities.
Awards and Grants
Andrea Califano Named NCI Outstanding Investigator
The seven-year grant will support the development of systematic approaches for identifying the molecular factors that lead to cancer progression and to the emergence of drug resistance at the single-cell level.
Columbia Launches Undergraduate Synthetic Biology Team
For this year’s International Genetically Engineered Machine Foundation (iGEM) competition, the team used synthetic biology methods to engineer edible probiotic bacteria that could regulate hunger and digestion.
Faculty Members Join Department of Systems Biology and C2B2
Kam Leong (Biomedical Engineering) has joined the Department as an interdisciplinary faculty member, while Yaniv Erlich (Computer Science) and Guy Sella (Biological Sciences) bring new expertise to C2B2.
Graduate Course Focuses on Foundations of Deep Sequencing
The new team-taught course provides an understanding of both the experimental principles of next-generation sequencing technologies and key statistical methods for analyzing the data they produce.
Upcoming Events
Department of Systems Biology Announces 2015-2016 Seminar Series
This year's visiting speakers series will include Anshul Kundaje, Nevan Krogan, Sarah Tishkoff, Jef Boeke, and others. Click on the link above for the complete schedule, and mark your calendars!
Research News
Promising New Targets for Treating HER2-Positive Breast Cancer
Systems biology approaches have identified a signaling pathway responsible for a subtype of aggressive breast cancer, as well as FDA-approved drugs capable of targeting it. A clinical trial is now underway to test the findings.
Awards and Grants
Saeed Tavazoie Wins Transformative Research Award
With the support of the NIH’s High-Risk, High-Reward Research program, Tavazoie will develop a new technology combining experimental and computational methods to map all pairwise molecular interactions in the cell.