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In the Press
Kyle Allison Featured in NIH Director’s Blog
A post authored by NIH Director Francis Collins highlights Dr. Allison’s ongoing efforts to isolate and study "persistent" bacteria, which in the clinic can often instigate dangerous, chronic infections that are difficult to eliminate.
Putting Blended Learning to the Test
Electronic media offer valuable tools for learning, but what is the best way to integrate such technologies within the traditional university setting? Brent and Melissa Stockwell recently conducted an innovative, formal trial to find out.
Awards and Grants
Oliver Hobert Named Javits Neuroscience Investigator
This prestigious grant supports investigators who have demonstrated exceptional achievement throughout their careers. It will enable the Hobert Lab to investigate sex-based differences in the regulation of neuronal identity.
RNA-Seq "Boot Camp" Resources Now Available
In June 2015, a five-part lecture series organized by the Department of Systems Biology covered new applications of RNA-Seq and methods for more effective data analysis. Click the link for lecture notes and other related information.
Research News
New Algorithm Accurately Predicts Drug Mechanism of Action
DeMAND addresses several key challenges to drug development, holding great potential for improving drugs’ effectiveness, identifying better combination therapies, and avoiding dangerous drug-induced side effects.
Meeting Report
Department of Systems Biology Annual Retreat Spotlights New Research
Nathan Johns and Antonio Gomes won the Distinguished Poster Award on a day that showcased a variety of new methods and discoveries emerging from Department laboratories.
Research News
Method for Analyzing Single-Cell Data Identifies AML Stem Cells
A new algorithm called PhenoGraph revealed a signaling-based signature of this elusive cell type and enabled scientists to define a gene expression signature that is predictive of leukemia patient survival.
Research News
Data Scientists Find Connections Between Birth Month and Health
Scientists led by assistant professor Nicholas Tatonetti have developed a computational method to investigate the relationship between birth month and disease risk, finding 55 diseases that correlated with season of birth.
Research News
Mechanism of Kidney Transplant Tolerance Discovered
A new statistical approach for tracking expansion of rare T cell clones developed in Yufeng Shen's lab could make it possible to predict transplant rejection and provide evidence to guide the use of immuno- suppressive drugs.
Awards and Grants
Columbia Investigators Awarded New NCI Physical Sciences in Oncology Center
The Center for Topology of Cancer Evolution and Heterogeneity will combine new mathematical approaches and single-cell experimental technologies to study cellular diversity in solid tumors.
Awards and Grants
Harris Wang Named Office of Naval Research Young Investigator
The project will focus on developing a new, targeted genome engineering approach, expanding the library of useful plasmid vectors, and exploring new DNA transformation methods in microbial communities.
Awards and Grants
Rodney Rothstein Elected to National Academy of Sciences
NAS members are chosen by their peers in recognition of their distinguished achievements. Dr. Rothstein is a pioneer in the use of recombination to study genes that help maintain genome stability.