The Columbia Genome Center is equipped with two primary plate reading systems. These can be integrated into automated screening procedures or can be used as standalone plate reading units.

Members of the Columbia University research community can schedule time to use our plate readers even if you are not conducting a high-throughput screening assay with us. Please contact us in advance to schedule a time.

Microplate Reading Technologies

EnVision 2104 Multilabel Microplate Reader

Integrated into the Cell::Explorer high-throughput screening platform, the EnVision 2104 Multilabel Microplate Reader (Perkin Elmer) is a benchtop dual-detector plate reader that is designed to be fast, sensitive, and versatile. It can accommodate a wide range of mirror modules and filters to enable a variety of imaging approaches. It can also be upgraded with additional filters and imaging modes as required. Current options include:

  • ultrasensitive luminescence
  • FP (fluorescence polarization)
  • FI (fluorescence intensity)
  • Alpha Screen HTS
  • Monochrometer
  • LANCE 320 Dual Label
  • Europium 615nm
  • LANCE 665nm and temperature control.

Infinite 200 microplate reader

The Infinite 200 (Tecan) is a high-performance microplate reader that is integrated into the Freedom Evo 200 and Microlab STAR systems. It utilizes filter-based excitation and emission, and its detectors are optimized for the requirements of:

  • fluorescence Intensity (top or bottom read)
  • luminescence
  • absorbance