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New Award for Tal Korem
Tal Korem, PhD, Systems Biology and Obstetrics & Gynecology, will receive $307,136 over five years from the National Institute of Nursing Research for a subaward of “The Role of Host-Microbial Interactions in Altering Preterm Birth Risk Among Black Women.”
Research News
Diversity and Severity of Autism Symptoms Linked to Mutation Locations
In a recent study, led by Dennis Vitkup, PhD, researchers at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons have made an important step towards understanding the biological mechanisms underlying the cognitive and behavioral diversity of autism cases triggered by de novo truncating mutations.
Awards and Grants
Congratulations to our GRA students for their awards!
Tomasz Blazejewski has received the 2021 Dean's Award for Excellence in Research. His PhD research centered on generative models for biological sequences, a relatively new area at the interface of machine learning and biology. Hanna Mendes Levitin has received the Titus M Coan Award for Excellence in Research. Her PhD research focused on extracting biological signals from-high dimensional data, specifically in the context of high-grade glioma, and on human tissue T cell activation.
Research News
DSB Research Highlights 2020
Find out about the latest research and accomplishments by faculty, researchers, and students of the Department of Systems Biology. Read the department's 2020 Research Highlights newsletter.
Raul Rabadan, PhD, Named Highly Cited Researcher
Congratulations to Raul Rabadan, PhD, professor of systems biology and founding director of Columbia's Program for Mathematical Genomics, who has recently been named a 2020 Highly Cited Researcher by Clarivate. Overall, Columbia University is home to a total of 45 Highly Cited Researchers in 2020.