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Ancient Part of Immune System May Underpin Severe COVID
One of the immune system’s oldest branches, called complement, may be influencing the severity of COVID disease, according to a new study in Nature Medicine led by Drs. Sagi Shapira and Nicholas Tatonetti of the Department of Systems Biology.
Dr. Xuebing Wu Named Pew-Stewart Scholar
Congratulations to Xuebing Wu, PhD, assistant professor of systems biology, who has been selected a Pew-Stewart Scholar for his work in cancer research. As a Pew scholar, Dr. Wu will investigate the dysregulation of messenger RNA structure in the development of breast cancer.
Awards and Grants
New COVID-19 Pilot Grants Awarded to Systems Biology Faculty
Drs. Sagi Shapira and Nicholas Tatonetti, faculty in the Department of Systems Biology, have been awarded a new pilot grant for research geared toward understanding the novel SARS-CoV-2 virus.
New Book on Understanding the Novel Coronavirus
Raul Rabadan, PhD, professor of systems biology and director of Columbia's Program for Mathematical Genomics, has authored a new book that provides readers an accessible overview that quells misinformation about the novel coronavirus, and discusses its origin, causes, and spread.
Research News
Dynamics of Gut Bacteria Follow Ecological Laws
The seemingly chaotic bacterial soup of the gut microbiome is more organized than it first appears and follows some of the same ecological laws that apply to birds, fish, tropical rainforests, and even complex economic and financial markets, according to a new paper in Nature Microbiology by systems biologists at Columbia University Irving Medical Center.