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Study Shows Why Many Cancer Cells Need to Import Fat
Researchers have found why cancer cells in oxygen-depleted environments are forced to rely on fat imports, a finding that could lead to new ways to understand and slow down tumor growth.
Disruptors: Deciphering Cancer Is Messy and Complex. We’re Here for It.
"Disruptors" is a series sharing new and innovative ideas and viewpoints from Columbia Cancer researchers and clinicians that challenge conventional thinking about cancer care, research, and beyond.
Awards and Grants
Michael Shen, PhD, receives grant from National Institute of General Medical Sciences
Michael Shen, PhD, Genetics & Development, will receive $1,950,515 over five years from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences for “Genetic Approaches to Development and Disease.”
Raul Rabadan, PhD, receives grants from the National Cancer Institute and Stand UP TO CANCER
Raul Rabadan, PhD, Systems Biology, will receive $6,804,000 over seven years from the National Cancer Institute for “Towards a quantitative understanding of tumor evolution” and $649,998 over two years from STAND UP TO CANCER for a subaward of “Multiomic Analysis of Immune System and Microbiota Influence on Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Tumor Microenvironments.”
Awards and Grants
Aleksandar Obradovic Receives 2022 Dean's Award for Excellence in Research
Aleksandar Obradovic was selected as a recipient of the 2022 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research. This award is in recognition of the high quality and significance of your PhD thesis research in the Coordinated Doctoral Programs in Biomedical Sciences.