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Awards and Grants
Grant Will Support Annotation of Metabolic Networks in Pathogenic Bacteria
A team led by Associate Professor Dennis Vitkup has received a multiyear grant to develop models of metabolic networks for all of the major bacterial species that cause disease in humans.
Awards and Grants
Brent Stockwell Receives 2014 Lenfest Distinguished Teaching Award
The Lenfest Award recognizes Columbia University faculty who are both accomplished scholars and provide exceptional instruction and mentorship.
In the Press
Why the New York Times Hired a Biology Researcher as Its Chief Data Scientist
Fast Company magazine speaks with Department of Systems Biology Associate Professor Chris Wiggins about the shared challenges that the natural sciences and the media are both facing in the age of big data.
On Being Thrown Out of the Box: An Interview with Saeed Tavazoie
Dr. Tavazoie discusses his research in the areas of gene transcription, post-transcriptional regulation, and molecular evolution, and how novel technologies coming out of systems biology push scientists to think in new ways.
Peter Sims Appointed to Columbia Genome Center
As Associate Director for Novel Technologies, Dr. Sims will devise, direct, and implement strategies for incorporating new high-throughput experimental methods into the research done at the Genome Center.
Self-Service MiSeq Available at Columbia Genome Center
Experienced CUMC researchers can now use the Genome Center's Illumina MiSeq desktop gene sequencer, a platform that is optimized for a variety of smaller sequencing experiments.
Awards and Grants
Dana Pe’er Wins 2014 Overton Prize
The award from the International Society for Computational Biology recognizes one outstanding early- to mid-career scientist each year who has already made a significant contribution to the field.
Tuuli Lappalainen Joins Department of Systems Biology
Dr. Lappalainen is a specialist in the analysis of RNA sequencing data, with research interests including functional variation in the human genome, the population genetics of genomic variation, and the interpretation of genome function.
Synthetic and Systems Biology: Reinventing the Code of Life
In video of this roundtable discussion at the Helix Center, professors Saeed Tavazoie and Andrea Califano join a panel of experts in discussing the intersection of systems and synthetic biology, and the role these two disciplines will play in the biological sciences.
Research News
Target Identified for Reversing Drug Resistance in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
By combining computational modeling with extensive laboratory tests, researchers determined that the protein kinase AKT plays a crucial role in desensitizing tumor cells to an important cancer therapy.
Research News
Imaging Synapses Using Fluorescent Small Molecule Probes
A collaboration at the Columbia Genome Center's High-Throughput Screening Facility has begun a search for probes that could be used to image these critical junctures in living human brains.
In the Press
The Rise of Systems Biology
"'Science is more than a body of knowledge, it's a way of thinking,' remarked Carl Sagan, and probably his words were never more powerfully relevant than for portraying one of the newest biomedical fields, systems biology."
Meeting Report
Interdisciplinary Research Spotlighted at Inaugural Department of Systems Biology Symposium
The first public event held by the Department of Systems Biology highlighted ways in which approaches based in computational and systems biology are contributing to research at Columbia.
Research News
A Topological Approach to Modeling Evolution
Charles Darwin visualized the differentiation of species like the branches of a tree, but recent genomic studies suggest that this model is insufficient to describe evolution at the molecular level.