Where can I get information on the mechanics of applying to graduate school at Columbia?

Different programs at Columbia have different application procedures. To apply to the PhD specialization in systems biology or computational biology, visit the Integrated Program in Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies. To apply to a different program, follow the links to our affiliated PhD programs.

What is the difference between the Department of Systems Biology and the Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics?

In recognition of the importance of systems biology to the future of biological and biomedical research, the Trustess of Columbia University approved the creation of the Department of Systems Biology in June 2013. Although the Center of Computational Biology and Bioinformatics still exists, it is now a center within the Department of Systems Biology, bringing together investigators from around the university whose primary interests are in computational biology. Because of the importance of computational disciplines within the context of systems biology, this arrangement is a natural fit, and is promoting dialogue and collaboration with other members of the Department of Systems Biology whose primary interest is not computation, but approach biology from a systems perspective.

Why does the Columbia Initiative in Systems Biology have faculty from so many different departments?

Systems biology is an interdisciplinary field that can be approached from a variety of perspectives. At Columbia, you can pursue training in computational biology as part of a program that closely matches your interests.

Can I apply to more than one graduate program?

You can only apply to one program and list one alternative.

Does Columbia offer an MD/PhD program?

Yes. Learn more about the Columbia MD/PhD program.

Do you offer a Master's program in systems biology?

Not as such. However, it is possible to earn a Master's Degree with elective courses and research in systems biology in any of the following departments and programs.

Do you accept international students?

Yes. Students come to study at Columbia from around the world.

Is it possible for a graduate student to do both experimental and computational research?

Yes. Many of our students use both computational and experimental methods in their research.

May I contact individual Department of Systems Biology faculty members about my application or about working for them before I am accepted to Columbia?

No. Admissions are not decided by an individual faculty member but by an admissions committee only after we receive your formal application. If you are accepted you will be able to contact a faculty member about working with him or her. Writing a faculty member prior to acceptance is no substitute for submitting an application. Faculty members also do not usually reply to e-mails of inquiry that seem to be mass mailed to the whole faculty. Sending mass mailings to multiple faculty members will form a bad impression of you.

“Dear Professor X: Are you accepting new graduate students next year?”

Almost of all of our faculty members are willing to accept new graduate students every year. However, you must be accepted to Columbia for them to consider you, so please do not ask this question until you are accepted. Also, do not set your hopes on a single faculty member. Even if a lab is full, which is unlikely, other labs focusing on related research are likely to have openings. Contacting individual investigators about PhD positions in their labs will not increase your chances of being accepted in the program. If you are invited to visit Columbia, you will have an opportunity to meet all faculty members who do work in your field of interest and to discuss your interests with them at that time.

Enclosed is my resume and transcript. Can you tell me if I should apply to the program?

We cannot prescreen applications or comment on the qualifications of students prior to application. If you fulfill the admissions requirements for a particular program and are interested in it, we encourage you to apply.

What are the required GPA and GRE scores for admission?

We consider a number of factors when reviewing applications, including student research and recommendations. No fixed minimum scores are required for acceptance.

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Please write all queries in correct English, in complete sentences, and with all words spelled correctly.

Whom can I contact if I have further questions?

Please read the above material and links carefully. If you still have questions, please contact us.