The Columbia University Department of Systems Biology periodically publishes a newsletter reporting on research highlights and other news from our community. Previously, the newsletter was published under the auspices of the Center for Multiscale Analysis of Genetic and Cellular Networks (MAGNet). Click on the thumbnails to download a copy of the newsletter as a PDF.

Department of Systems Biology Research Highlights


  The Evolutionary History of SARS-CoV-2

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December 2021

The Evolutionary History of SARS-CoV-2
Raul Rabadan, PhD

RNA-Based Oncology Platform
Andrea Califano, Dr.

Diversity and Severity of Autism Symptoms Linked to Mutation Locations
Dennis Vitkup, PhD

Research Highlights 2020  

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December 2020

Addressing the Global Pandemic

New Tumor-Specific Molecular Interaction Maps Capture Complexity of Cancer Networks
Andrea Califano, Dr
Barry Honig, PhD

Dynamics of Gut Bacteria Follow Ecological Laws
Dennis Vitkup, PhD

Ancient Part of Immune System May Underpin Severe COVID
Sagi Shapira, PhD
Nicholas Tatonetti, PhD


Research Highlights 2019  

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October 2019

A New Window into how Human-Infecting Viruses Work
Sagi Shapira, PhD

Designer Proteins Come with Built-In Safeguards
Harris Wang, PhD

Mapping the Human Cell Atlas
Peter Sims, PhD
Raul Rabadan, PhD

Prostate Cancer Grant Spotlights Precision Cancer Medicine
Andrea Califano, Dr
Michael Shen, PhD

Research Highlights 2018  

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October 2018

Bladder Cancer Organoids Mimic Patient Tumors
Michael Shen, PhD

Introducing Columbia’s Program for Mathematical Genomics
Raul Rabadan, PhD

Targeting the Engine Room of the Cancer Cell
Andrea Califano, Dr

World’s Smallest Tape Recorder is Built from Microbes
Harris Wang, PhD


Research Highlights 2016  

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September 2016

Columbia Awarded NCI Center for Cancer Systems Biology

Glioblastoma Tumor Evolution and Strategies against Advanced Disease
Raul Rabadan

How Genomic Data Are Changing Population Genetics
Molly Przeworski

Method for Determining Proten Function Opens Doors for Precision Medicine
Andrea Califano


Research Highlights 2015

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June 2015

Columbia Investigators Awarded New NCI Physical Sciences in Oncology Center 
Raul Rabadan

The Exposome: Relating Environmental Factors to Human Disease
Nicholas Tatonetti

Tracing Bacterial Evolution across Billions of Years
Dennis Vitkup

Mechanism of Kidney Transplant Tolerance Discovered
Yufeng Shen


Research Highlights 2014  

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December 2014

A Comprehensive Map of Human B-Cell Development
Dana Pe'er

New Directions in Genome Engineering
Harris Wang

Algorithm Identifies Genetic Driver of Mesenchymal Glioblastoma
Andrea Califano

Systems Biology Throws You Out of the Box
Saeed Tavazoie

MAGNet Newsletters


MAGNet Newsletter 2014  

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Spring 2014 - Featured Articles

Cross-Species Computational Analysis Identifies a Synergistic Interaction that Drives Prostate Cancer Malignancy 
Cory Abate-Shen, Andrea Califano, Michael Shen

A Topological Approach for Characterizing Evolution 
Kevin Emmett, Raul Rabadan

A Global View of Tumor-Induced Gene Expression Changes in Human Metabolism 
Dennis Vitkup


MAGNet Newsletter 2013  

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Spring 2013 - Featured Articles

PrePPI: A Novel Structure-Based Method for Predicting Protein-Protein Interactions 
Barry Honig

An Integrative Genomics Approach to Define RNA Regulatory Networks 
Chaolin Zhang

From Genome-Scale Sequencing to Angstrom-Scale Insights: The Enzyme DNase I Reveals Its True Colors 
Harmen J. Bussemaker



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Spring 2012 - Featured Articles

A Mesenchymal Transition Signature Present in Invasive Solid Cancers 
Dimitris Anastassiou

Discovering the Regulatory Programs Underlying Mammalian Transcript Stability 
Hani Goodarzi & Saeed Tavazoie

Mapping the miRNA Regulatory Network in Glioblastoma 
Pavel Sumazin & Andrea Califano



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Spring 2011 - Featured Articles

Interrogating Molecular Pathways of Prostate Tumorigenesis in Mice and Men 
Cory Abate-Shen & Michael M. Shen

The Origin and Evolution of a Pandemic Virus 
Zachary Carpenter, Carlos Hernandez, Joseph Chan, Raul Rabadan

The Transcriptional Network for Mesenchymal Transformation of Brain Tumours 
Andrea Califano



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Spring 2010 - Featured Articles

Structural Organization, Evolution, and Heterogeneous Activation of a Bacterial Sporulation Network 
Dennis Vitkup

Breaking the Code of Non-coding DNA in the Human Genome 
Tom Tullius

The Family of Man: Methods and Applications for Discovering Shared Ancestry among Purported Unrelateds 
Itsik Pe'er



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Winter 2009 - Featured Articles

Three R's of Computer Assisted Biomedical Discovery: Reading, Reasoning and Reporting 
Hannah Tipney & Lawrence Hunter

Dissecting Transcription Factor Function on Multiple Scales Biophysics, and Computers 
Harmen J. Bussemaker

Making Sense of Transcription Factor Specificities, or How to Grow Legs in Strange Places: a Collaboration between Flies, Biophysics, and Computers 
Richard S. Mann & Barry Honig



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Winter 2008 - Featured Articles

Understanding Cadherin Specificity in the Development of Multicellular Structures: a Combined Experimental and Computational Theory 
Lawrence Shapiro & Barry Honig

Mapping the Transcription Factor Modulator Repertoire in Human B Lymphocytes 
Andrea Califano & Riccardo Dalla-Favera

National Centers for Biomedical Computing and Related Activities at NIH 
Dan Gallahan