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The Columbia University Department of Systems Biology invites applications from students interested in pursuing careers at the frontiers of modern biology. You will learn to apply powerful, multidisciplinary approaches and address critical biological questions from the perspective of complex genomic and molecular systems.

PhD education at Columbia stresses the importance of high-throughput experimentation, quantitative analysis of large biological data sets, and innovative technology development. Whether your primary interest is in experimental or computational research in systems biology, the experience you gain will prepare you to participate in cutting-edge science that integrates the two.

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This year’s application deadline is now closed.


Research Unveils a Developmental Splicing Program Controlling Neuronal Maturation and Excitability
In a new study, Professors Chaolin Zhang and Hynek Wichterle determined that loss of Rbfox genes results in an “embryonic like” splicing program. They observed a significant disruption of the assembly of the axon initial segment, which is key for clustering of ion channels, and thus, for neurons to fire action potentials.
Symposium to Spotlight Advancements in Translational Cancer Research
February 7-8 Cancer Genomics and Mathematical Data Analysis Symposium to feature talks by leading computational biologists, physicists, engineers, mathematicians, and oncologists. Registration required and conference to be held at Heart Conference Center, Columbia University Medical Center.

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