Below you will find the costs of services provided by Columbia University's Department of Systems Biology Information Technology group (DSBIT). If you still have questions or would like to speak with someone about your needs, please  contact us .

All fees indicated below are prorated for duration except where noted otherwise.

Note on restricted funds

As a courtesy to Columbia research labs, all invoices will contain calculations for services that can be paid with government grants funds and in-direct funds. (This does not apply to non-Columbia customers.)


SERVICE  Member Rate  External Rate  Comments 
HPC: CPU $0.0200/core/hour $0.0300/core/hour Node configuration varies
HPC: Memory $0.0067/gb/hour $0.0100/core/hour Node configuration varies
HPC: Full node $3729/year $6400/year For 12-core, 32 GB Mem
Desktop_Full $1155/year $1871/year Full service
Desktop_Limited $420/year $680/year Initial setup, additional services cahrged per hour
Unix_account $105/user/year $170/user/year Required only if HPC cluster used
Hosting: Rack $13650/year $22113/year For 42U, 5KW rack
Hosting: Virtual Machine $1117/year $1787/year For 2-core, 8 GB Mem, 100 GB HD VM
Hosting: Server $4468/year $7240/year One VM with 1-core, 8GB memory, CentOS
Hosting: Web $373/site/year $604/site/year Website on VM infrastructure
Hosting: DB $75/db/year $121/db/year One database on a shared MariaDB server
Storage: Home $773/TB/year $1314/TB/year High bandwidth, Backed up, NFS and SMB shared
Storage: Data $811/TB/year $1314/TB/year High bandwidth, Backed up, NFS and SMB shared
Storage: Scratch $271/TB/year $439/TB/year High bandwidth, NFS mounted on HPC cluster only
Storage: Archive $115/TB/year $187/TB/year Low bandwidth, Administrator-assisted writes


Please note
[1] This table is not exhaustive and may not be up to date, revised every FY around Sep-Oct. Please contact us to get the latest service offerings, or if there is any confusion, specially if you are planning a large computing project to avoid any surprises. 
[2] Accounting is done only when a compute job finishes, not the day it was submitted/started. For example, if a job was queued on Jan 1st, started executing on Jan 3, finished on Feb 2, it will be billed for the month of Feb, not Jan. 
[3] In order to be fully transparent, the HPC charges are computed every midnight. 
[4] A monthly usage report is automatically emailed to the PI and/or his/her delegate. If you want it emailed daily, please contact us. 
[5] Accounting for billing is done on the last mid-night of the month. Minimum billing period for every service is one month.