Adolfo Ferrando

Adolfo Ferrando


Associate Professor, Departments of Pathology and Pediatrics


Institute for Cancer Genetics
Department of Pathology and Cell Biology


Work: (212) 851-4611

Adolfo Ferrando is an associate professor at the Institute for Cancer Genetics. Using a combination of genomic technologies, biochemical testing, and genetic analysis, his group seeks to understand the molecular mechanisms that promote and sustain the malignant proliferation and survival of leukemic cells. He is engaged in a number of projects analyzing the functions of specific oncogenes and their role in the pathogenesis of childhood leukemia, especially T-cell lymphoblastic leukemia, an aggressive form of the disease. His goal is to uncover the mechanisms at work in leukemic cells and to translate this understanding into the identification of therapeutic targets for the design of new, molecularly tailored antileukemic drugs.

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