Nicholas Tatonetti

Career Opportunities

We are now accepting rotation students for research projects in the fields of translational bioinformatics, chemical systems biology, and computational/statistical genomics.

We are actively searching for extremely talented and motivated postdocs, research programmers, and students with a passion for computational biology and bioinformatics and a desire to apply these skills to the understanding of drugs, diseases, and human biology. If interested, contact Dr. Tatonetti for more information. Students must apply through the appropriate channels.

Postdoctoral Position in Clinical Data Mining and Genomic Medicine

A postdoctoral position is available in the Department of Biomedical Informatics at Columbia University. The focus of the lab is to advance personalized medicine by inventing new computational and statistical tools to analyze large scale clinical data, using these tools to generate novel hypotheses regarding the function and activity of drugs and diseases, and by validating these hypotheses prospectively in model systems and the in the health care environment. With particular emphasis on developing rigorous computational and mathematical models that focus on advancing our understanding of biology and medicine. The ideal candidate will have:

  • a passion for health care and translational informatics
  • a PhD in biomedical informatics, computational biology, systems biology, or a related field
  • outstanding communication skills
  • a track record of publishing in peer-reviewed research journals
  • experience working with computational, statistical, and/or mathematical models
  • proficiency at least two programming languages (e.g. R, python, C, C++, Fortran, Haskell, etc...)

The postdoc in this position will have the opportunity to work with the most diverse large-scale database covering millions of lives and billions of clinical data points. You will integrate advances in genetics, genomics, metabolomics, transcriptomics, ... omomics into the clinical setting to advance personalized medicine, and develop computational biology models based on rigorous and sophisticated mathematics and statistics.

Research Scientist

A research programmer position is available for a talented programmer (bachelor's in computer science or related field) interested in developing systems for computational biology and bioinformatics in the context of medicine. The ideal candidate will have a record of successful programming projects, is self-motivated, and incredibly passionate. If interested in more information please contact us.