Department of Systems Biology Information Technology (DSBIT) maintains several high-performance computing systems, including multiple high-performance compute clusters as well as high-memory systems. In 2013 we installed a new cluster with 6,336 CPU-cores and 73,728 CUDA-cores (GPU). It has a maximum performance of 212 TFlops, almost 9 times the performance of its predecessor. The system is on the Top500 list of supercomputers worldwide.

Our computing system includes 10 Gb/s Ethernet fabric throughout, 40 Gb/s QDR InfiniBand for a portion of the system, GPU-enhanced computing, and a low power hardware architecture. All of the clusters run current variants of the Linux operating systems, and are managed by Univa Grid Engine. Additionally, DSBIT has two high-memory systems with 1 TB of system memory each, and a pool of computational servers for compilation, debugging, and job control.

Purchasing computing time

The DSBIT high-performance computing platform is available for researchers at Columbia University and elsewhere who conduct data-intensive research. Pricing for CPU time is determined on a CPU-per-hour basis.

Visit Pricing for more information about our rates.