Alexander Kitaygorodsky

Alexander Kitaygorodsky


Graduate Student

Alexander Kitaygorodsky is a PhD student in Yufeng Shen’s lab. He is interested in the relationship between genetics and human disease, as well as the use of next-generation sequencing techniques to determine damaging variants. His current focus is on implication of structural noncoding variants in birth defects such as congenital heart disease and congenital diaphragmatic hernia. The overall goal is a better knowledge of the genetic mechanisms of these diseases, as well as discovery of specific new genetic targets that could be critical in future treatment and prevention.
Prior to working with Dr. Shen, Alexander completed his Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto, studying computer science and molecular genetics. During this time, he also worked in Elisabeth Tillier’s lab on using coevolution analysis to discover novel protein-protein interactions, and in Philip M. Kim’s lab on prediction of harmful drug combinations. 

Education History

BS, University of Toronto
Computer Science and Molecular Genetics