Alexandra Ketcham

Alexandra Ketcham


Graduate Student

As a graduate student in the laboratory of Saeed Tavazoie, I research various forms of death resistance in Escherichia coli. Using microbiology, molecular biology, and systems biology approaches, my work touches on bacterial evolution, antibiotic resistance, and stress response mechanisms. 

As a master’s student at New York University, I worked in the laboratory of Lionel Christiaen, studying mechanisms underlying muscle specification in Ciona intestinalis

Education History

MS, New York University

BA, Princeton University
History (with high honors) 


Wang W, Razy-Krajka F, Siu E, Ketcham A, Christiaen L. NK4 antagonizes Tbx1/10 to promote cardiac versus pharyngeal muscle fate in the ascidian second heart field. PLoS Biol. 2013 Dec;11(12):e1001725.


Lab Staff