Ambrose Carr

Ambrose Carr


Graduate Student

Originally from British Columbia, Canada, I completed my undergraduate degree in molecular biology with a certificate in neuroscience at Princeton University. After graduation I worked at the Rockefeller University, where I carried out research modeling food as an addictive substance and examining the neurobiological pathways that reinforce maladaptive behaviors such as binge eating that lead to obesity.

I am now a graduate student at Columbia University, where I am a member of Dana Pe'er's laboratory of computational systems biology. My research in the Pe'er lab focuses on extracting information from high-dimensional single-cell data and using the resulting data to build models that allow us to identify rare cell populations such as drug resistant tumor cells.

Education History

BS, Princeton University
Molecular Biology and Neuroscience


Carr A, Pe'er D. Broadening horizons: holistic viewpoints from the Biology of Genomes. Genome Biol. 2014 Jul 25;15(7):416.


Lab Staff