Antonio Gomes


Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Antonio Gomes is a postdoctoral research scientist in the Wang Lab. He is interested in understanding biology using quantitative models, especially to address questions related to gene regulation, evolution, and drug resistance. His current research focuses on lateral gene transfer in microorganisms, particularly on gaining a mechanistic understanding of the effect of regulatory regions on horizontal gene transfer and its consequences in microbial evolution.

Antonio completed his PhD in bioinformatics at Boston University, where he studied the gene regulatory network of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Education History

PhD, Boston University

MSc, Universidade de Brasília
Molecular Biology (topic: Biophysics)

BSc, Universidade de Brasília


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Gomes AL, Rezende JR, Araujo AFP, Shaknovich EI. Description of atomic burials in compact globular proteins by Fermi-Dirac probability distributions. Proteins. 2007 Feb 1;66(2):304-20.

* Indicates authors contributed equally