Boris Grinshpun

Boris Grinshpun


Graduate Student

Boris Grinshpun is a PhD student in the Integrated Program in Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Studies at Columbia University. He holds a BS in applied mathematics as well as an MA and an MPhil in computational biology from Columbia.

Boris first became interested in applying his mathematics toolbox to interesting questions in biology while working in the lab of Chris Wiggins in the Department of Applied Mathematics during his junior year of college. He currently works in the laboratory of Yufeng Shen, where his research focuses on the statistical analysis and mathematical modeling of the T cell receptor repertoire. In particular, he works with several experimental collaborators to investigate 1) changes in T cell repertoire diversity during the progression of gliomas both in human brain tissue and using murine models and 2) tissue specific compartmentalization and repertoire differences in human effector memory T cell subsets. His goal is ultimately to make important breakthroughs in understanding the complex relationship between immunity and disease.

Education History

MPhil, Columbia University
Computational Biology

MA, Columbia University
Computational Biology 

BS, Columbia University
Applied Mathematics


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