Chaitanya Rastogi

Chaitanya Rastogi


Graduate Student

I am currently a graduate student at Columbia University in Harmen Bussemaker’s laboratory. My research is focused on developing biophysics-based models for describing protein-DNA interactions using high-throughput sequencing data. In particular, I am interested in using technologies such as ChIP, DNase, and SELEX to better understand how epigenetic modifications such as methylation and chromatin structure affect transcription factor binding.

Prior to working in Professor Bussemaker’s lab, I worked in quantum optics research groups for three years. During my time there, I developed and fabricated optical resonators for a variety of applications ranging from atomic clocks to quantum computers.

I am also currently a 2014-2015 awardee of the Training Grant in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.

Education History

MS, California Institute of Technology
Electrical Engineering

BS, California Institute of Technology
Applied Physics


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