Fion Shiau


Graduate Student (DSB)

Fion is a PhD Student in the Systems Biology department and currently still doing laboratory rotations. She is interested in utilizing computational and/or bioinformatics approaches to study the (epi)genetics and gene regulatory networks underlying diseases and development.
Prior to Columbia, she majored in Neuroscience and Molecular & Cellular Biology at Johns Hopkins University. Her previous research with Seth Blackshaw and Brian Clark primarily focused on elucidating the intrinsic program dictating retinal development.

Education History
BSc, Johns Hopkins University
Neuroscience and Molecular & Cellular Biology


Lu Y*, Shiau F*, Yi W*, Lu S, Wu Q, Pearson JD, Kallman A, Zhong S, Hoang T, Zuo Z, Zhao F, Zhang M, Tsai N, Zhuo Y, He S, Zhang J, Stein-O’Brien GL, Sherman TD, Duan X, Fertig EJ, Goff LA, Zack DJ, Handa JT, Xue T, Bremmer R, Blackshaw S, Wang X, and Clark BS. Single-cell analysis of human retina identifies evolutionarily conserved and species-species mechanisms controlling development. Developmental Cell. 2020 May 18;53(4):473-491.e9.

*co-first authors 

Clark BS*, Stein-O'Brien GL*, Shiau F, Cannon GH, Davis-Marcisak E, Sherman T, Santiago CP, Hoang TV, Rajaii F, James-Esposito RE, Gronostajski RM, Fertig EJ, Goff LA and Blackshaw S. Single-cell RNA-seq analysis of retinal development identifies NFI factors as regulating mitotic exit and late-born cell specification. Neuron. 2019 June 19;102(6):1111-1126.e5.