Guillaume Urtecho


Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Guillaume Urtecho is a Hanna H. Gray Postdoctoral Fellow at Columbia University in the laboratory of Dr. Harris Wang. His current work uses fecal transplantation models to learn how microbes colonize ecosystems and how we can leverage these ecological mechanisms to engineer the human microbiome. He aspires to lead a diverse academic research group dedicated to developing high-throughput platforms to rapidly prototype personalized microbial therapeutics for gastrointestinal diseases.
Guillaume is a native of the California Central Valley. He received his B.S. in Genetics from UC Davis and PhD in Molecular Biology from UCLA under the mentorship of Dr. Sriram Kosuri. In his PhD work, he developed a design-build-test-learn pipeline using high-throughput testing and machine learning to explore how bacterial promoters are encoded in DNA sequences. Beyond research, Guillaume is committed to advancing DEI and equal representation in STEM through mentoring trainees and community science education. 

Education History

University of California, Los Angeles (2014-2020), PhD, Molecular Biology (Emphasis on Gene Regulation)

University of California, Davis (2010-2014), BS, Genetics, magna cum laude


* Corresponding Author

Guillaume Urtecho, Thomas Moody, Yiming Huang, Ravi U. Sheth, Miles Richardson, Hélène Descamps, Andrew Kaufman, Opeyemi Lekan, Florencia Velez-Cortes, Deirdre Ricaurte, Travis E. Gibson, Georg K. Gerber, Christoph A. Thaiss, & Harris H. Wang. Spatiotemporal dyamics during niche remodeling by super-colonizing microbiota in the mammalian gut. Cell Systems. In Revision.

Ho, Chi-Lee, Michael Gilbert, Guillaume Urtecho, Hyungjoo Lee, David Drew, Samuel Klempner, Jin Cho, Thomas Ryan, Naryan Rustgi, Hyuk Lee, Jeeyun Lee, Alexander Caraballo, Marina Magicheva-Gupta, Carmen Rios, Yuen-Yi Tseng, Jeremy Davis, Daniel Chung, Andrew Chan, Harris Wang, and Sandra Ryeom. "Stool protein mass spectrometry identifies biomarkers for the early detection of diffuse-type gastric cancer. Cancer Prevention Research. In press.

Guillaume Urtecho* & Kimberly D. Insigne*, Arielle D. Tripp, Marcia Brinck, Nathan B. Lubock, Hwangbeom Kim, & Sriram Kosuri. Genome-wide Functional Characterization of Escherichia coli Promoters and Regulatory Elements Responsible for their Function. eLife. 2023.