Ileana Murazzi


Graduate Research Assistant (DSB)

Ileana Murazzi is a PhD student in the Systems Biology department at Columbia University Medical Center. She received her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania where she majored in Biology and Health and Societies. Her undergraduate work focused on metastasis of soft tissue sarcoma.  At Columbia, she plans on combining wet and dry lab work to solve biological problems, with a focus in cancer. 

Education History

BA, University of Pennsylvania 
Biology, Health and Societies


Secretion of hypoxia-modified collagen VI weakens lung endothelial barrier and promotes metastasis 
Ying Liu, Ashley M. Fuller, Ileana Murazzi, Ann Devine, Rohan Kati, Nicole Skuli, Gabrielle E. Ciotti, Koreana Pak, Michael A. Pack, M. Celeste Simon, T.S. Karin Eisinger-Mathason In preparation

Oncogene-induced matrix reorganization controls CD8+ T cell immunity in the UPS microenvironment 
Hawley C. Pruitt, Ashley M. Fuller, Hoogeun Song, Ying Liu, Ann DeVine, Rohan Katti, Samir Devalaraja, Gabrielle E. Ciotti, Michael Gonzalez, Erik F. Williams, Ileana Murazzi, Nicolas Skuli, Hakon Hakonarson, Kristy Weber, Malay Haldar, Joseph A. Fraietta, Sharon Gerecht, T. S. Karin Eisinger-Mathason In preparation

Comparative oncology reveals DNMT3B as a molecular vulnerability in soft-tissue sarcoma 
Ashley M. Fuller, Ann DeVine, Ileana Murazzi, Nicola J. Mason, Kristy Weber, T. S. Karin Eisinger-Mathason Cellular Oncology, September 2022