Mariano Alvarez


Chief Scientific Officer, DarwinHealth

As a Fellow working under the mentorship of Andrea Califano I am interested in developing and applying cell regulatory models to identify genes and proteins that drive physiologic and pathologic cellular states. I joined the Califano Lab in 2006 as a postdoc with experience in both experimental and computational science, and with the goal of developing and applying systems biology-based approaches to dissect the mechanisms driving tumor initiation and progression. Since then, I have contributed to the development of several novel algorithms (such as CLEANER, MINDy, and MARINa) for assembling context-specific network models of cell regulation and inferring genes and proteins that drive specific phenotypic transitions. I applied this technology to dissect the regulatory logic of human high-grade glioma, identifying STAT3 and C/EBP as synergistic drivers of the mesenchymal subtype of human glioblastoma, and determining that FOXM1 and CENPF are synergistic regulators of the most aggressive subtype of prostate carcinoma.

I am currently using regulatory models to integrate functional genomics, epigenomics, and genetic information to identify combinations of genetic alterations that lead to the dysregulation of the cell regulatory logic in cancer. Specifically, I am studying the role of the cell regulatory logic in integrating a complex and heterogeneous array of genetics alterations into a finite set of distinct pathophysiologic phenotypes, thus accounting for a component of the genetic variability of cancer. Because dissecting tumor heterogeneity at the single patient or even at the single-clone level requires the development of novel methodologies, I recently developed the Virtual Protein-activity Inference by Enriched Regulon analysis (VIPER), an algorithm that leverages context-specific models of regulation to infer tumor-specific driving mechanisms from individual molecular profiles (R-package available from Bioconductor).  

In addition to pursuing my primary interest in the elucidation of cancer drivers, I have extended the use of regulatory network models to predict small-molecule compounds that can reprogram cell state or elicit synergistic responses in the cell, with the aim of inferring determinants of drug sensitivity and drug mechanism of action, as well as to predict response to combination therapy. Indeed, dissecting mechanisms driving the neoplastic process and determining drug sensitivity at the single patient level is a critical step towards translational research in precision medicine.

Education History

PhD, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

MS, University of Lujan, Argentina


* Indicates authors contributed equally

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