Martin Carballo-Pacheco

Martin Carballo-Pacheco


Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Martin Carballo-Pacheco is a postdoctoral research scientist in the Department of Systems Biology working in the Vitkup Lab. Before Columbia, he was a postdoc in the deparment of physics and astronomy of the University of Edinburgh, UK. He received a PhD from RWTH Aachen University and the Research Center Jülich in Germany working on simulations of protein aggregation. He is interested in understanding the physics behind living systems and the application of quantitative modeling to biomedical problems including cancer metabolism and the evolution of antimicrobial resistance.  

Education History

PhD, RWTH Aachen University, Chemistry

MSc, RWTH Aachen University, Simulation Sciences

BEng, Complutense University of Madrid, Chemical Engineering


M. Carballo-Pacheco*, J. Desponds*, T. Gavrilchenko*, A. Mayer*, R. Prizak*, G. Reddy*, I. Nemenman, T. Mora, Receptor crosstalk improves concentration sensing of multiple ligands, arXiv: 1810.04589. *shared first authors.

M. Carballo-Pacheco, A.E. Ismail, B. Strodel, On the applicability of force fields to study the aggregation of amyloidogenic peptides using molecular dynamics simulations, Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 14, 6063-6075 (2018).