Mary Boland

Mary Boland


Graduate Student

As a PhD student in the laboratory of Dr. Nicholas Tatonetti, I aim to explore and understand the systems-level genetic interactions that occur in patients taking multiple drugs targeting diverse genes and gene pathways. In particular, my focus is to develop methods for understanding the systems-level genetic interactions responsible for adverse drug events. As a translational bioinformatician, I am also interested in developing methods that incorporate not only genetic information, but also epidemiological data obtained via public data sources and electronic health records. By utilizing both genetic and clinical data, my work marries basic science genetic research with clinical epidemiological research.

Before beginning my PhD research studies under Dr. Tatonetti, I worked for three years as a clinical research informatician at Columbia University Medical Center, where my work principally focused on data mining, data integration, user interface design, and usability testing. I also received a Masters of Arts in biomedical informatics during that time. The American Medical Informatics Association recognized my work as one of the top papers in the practice of clinical informatics in 2013. Prior to coming to Columbia University, I received my Bachelor of Science in bioinformatics at Saint Vincent College, Latrobe, PA, where my work focused on functional genomic alignment of evolutionarily diverse organisms. I was also granted the Departmental Award for Excellence in Bioinformatics.

Education History

MA, Columbia University
Biomedical Informatics

BS, Saint Vincent College


* indicates equal author contributions

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