Mukesh Bansal

Mukesh Bansal


Vice President, Psychogenics

Mukesh Bansal is an associate research scientist in the laboratory of Andrea Califano. He majored in physics at the Indian Institute of Technology and received his PhD in systems biology from University of Naples, Italy. His research interests include inferring transcriptional, posttranscriptional, posttranslational, and signaling networks from gene/miRNA expression and proteomics data, and dissecting these networks to identify master regulators (MR) of physiologic and pathologic phenotypes. He successfully applied this methodology to identify patient-specific MRs of lung cancer, helping to pave the path for personalized medicine. He also works on developing methods to predict drug mechanism of action, which he proved to be highly effective by predicting and validating novel targets of compounds. Recently he co-organized a community-based challenge to identify methods to predict compound synergy and confirmed that in silico assessment of compound synergy is indeed possible. He is also a co-inventor of a patent to predict indolent prostate cancer using a molecular signature. 

Education History

PhD, University of Naples, Italy
Human Genetics

Integrated MSc, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India


* Indicates these authors contributed equally to the paper.

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