Pasquale Laise

Pasquale Laise


Adjunct Associate Research Scientist

Pasquale is a computational biologist with an interdisciplinary background, holding a master’s degree in Biology and a PhD in Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems. His expertise is in cancer and epigenetics with focus on the mechanistic aspects underlying cancer initation and progression. Prior to joining Columbia, Pasquale was a postdoctoral fellow in the Giuseppe Testa lab at the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, Italy and a visiting postdoc in the Jason Ernst lab at University of California, Los Angeles.

Education History

PhD, University of Florence                                                                                                       Nonlinear Dynamics and Complex Systems

Master's Degree, University of Florence                                                                                    Biological Sciences

Bachelor's Degree,University of Calabria                                                                                   Biological Sciences


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