Rydberg Supo-Escalante


Graduate Research Assistant (DSB)

I am a PhD student in the laboratory of Dennis Vitkup. As a computational biologist, I am interested in the application of mathematical models to study metabolic and signaling networks, evolution and developmental biology. During my undergraduate research I studied the processing of the drug pyrazinamide, used in tuberculosis treatment, as well as resistance to it using a modeling approach. I also worked with dynamical models of the gene regulatory network of myogenic regulatory factors with the aim of understanding the regulation between them.

Education History

BS, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos

Biological Sciences


R. R. Supo-Escalante, A. Médico, E. Gushiken, G. E. Olivos-Ramírez, Y. Quispe, F. Torres, M. Zamudio, R. Antiparra, L. M. Amzel, R. H. Gilman, et al., “Prediction of mycobacterium tuberculosis pyrazinamidase function based on structural stability, physicochemical and geometrical descriptors,” Plos one, vol. 15, no. 7, p. e0235643, 2020.