Tai-Hsien Ou Yang

Tai-Hsien Ou Yang


Graduate Student

I am a PhD student in the laboratory of Dimitris Anastassiou. We are working to develop algorithms to identify signatures within multi-omic data that serve as surrogates of cancer phenotypes, and to use these signatures to develop prognostic models for patients with malignancies. Specifically, we focus on identifying attractor metagenes in the multi-omic data sets as the potential signatures. We also aim to build robust computational models using the prognostic-relevant attractor metagenes for more precise and accurate diagnoses.

Education History

MS, Columbia University
Electrical Engineering

BSEng, National Taiwan University


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Ou Yang TH, Tsai ML, Yen CT, Lin TT. (2011). An infrared range camera-based approach for three-dimensional locomotion tracking and pose reconstruction in a rodent. J Neurosci Methods. 2011 Sep 30;201(1):116-23.


Lab Staff