William Kindschuh

William Kindschuh


Graduate Research Assistant (MD/PhD)

As an MD/PhD candidate in the Korem lab, I work on understanding the role of the vaginal microbiome in the context of various adverse pregnancy outcomes, such as preterm birth and preeclampsia. By integrating microbiome and metabolomic data, I aim to develop robust predictors for adverse pregnancy outcomes in order to reduce maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality. I am also investigating how environmental exposures may interact with the microbiome during pregnancy and contribute to adverse pregnancy outcomes and racial disparities in maternal health.

Education History
BS, Stanford University
Biomedical Computation


Kindschuh WF, Baldini F, Liu MC, Gerson KD, Liao J, Lee HH, Anton L, Gajer P, Ravel J, Levy M, Elovitz M, Korem T. Preterm birth is associated with xenobiotics and predicted by the vaginal metabolome. bioRxiv. 2021 June 14.