Yao Zong (Andy) Ng

Yao Zong (Andy) Ng


As a graduate student based in the Chemistry Department and working in the lab of Virginia Cornish, my projects involve developing tools for synthetic biology and applying them to challenges in the field of metabolic engineering. I am particularly interested in using the yeast cell as a platform for DNA assembly, and also as a factory for the production of chemicals. I am supported by an A*STAR PhD fellowship from Singapore. 

I obtained my BA at the University of Cambridge, majoring in biochemistry. There, I worked in the labs of Paul Dupree (plant cell wall biosynthesis) and Sir Tom Blundell (computational study of hot spots in protein-protein interactions). After that, I worked for a year in the lab of Chandra Verma at the Bioinformatics Institute at A*STAR, Singapore. There, I combined molecular dynamics and docking to study the interaction of an antibody with the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR), a target for cancer treatment. 

Education History

BA, University of Cambridge


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