Yiming Huang


Postdoctoral Fellow

Use genetic data and functional genomics data to prove the role and estimate the effect of post-transcriptional regulation in developmental disorders, especially birth defects such as congenital diaphragmatic hernia and congenital heart disease, and also neurodevelopment disorders such as autism.

Education History

BS, Tsinghua University                                                                                                             Biological Science


Wu, Y., Qu, R., Huang, Y., Shi, B., Liu, M., Li, Y., & Lu, Z. J. (2016). RNAex: an RNA secondary structure prediction server enhanced by high-throughput structure-probing data. Nucleic acids research44(W1), W294-W301. 

Hu, B., Yang, Y. C. T., Huang, Y., Zhu, Y., & Lu, Z. J. (2017). POSTAR: a platform for exploring post-transcriptional regulation coordinated by RNA-binding proteins. Nucleic acids research45(D1), D104-D114.

Xi, X., Li, T., Huang, Y., Sun, J., Zhu, Y., Yang, Y., & Lu, Z. J. (2017). RNA Biomarkers: Frontier of Precision Medicine for Cancer. Non-Coding RNA3(1), 9.00