David Knowles

David Knowles


Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science (in Systems Biology)


Department of Systems Biology
Department of Computer Science
New York Genome Center

David Knowles, PhD, joined Columbia University and the New York Genome Center (NYGC) in January 2019. Prior to his appointment, he was a post-doctoral researcher at Stanford University with Sylvia Plevritis (Center for Computational Systems Biology/Radiology) and Jonathan Pritchard (Genetics), having previously worked with Daphne Koller (Computer Science). Dr. Knowles’ lab develops and applies statistical machine learning methods for computational genomics. A key aim of the Knowles lab  is to understand the role of transcriptomic dysregulation across the spectrum from rare to common genetic diseases, which involves characterization of the genetic and environmental factors contributing to messenger RNA expression and splicing variation. The Knowles lab collaborates with research groups at the NYGC, and with the wider New York academic community, with an emphasis on collecting and analyzing large-scale genomics datasets, particularly in the context of neurological diseases. Dr. Knowles’ aim is to leverage cutting-edge machine learning to make best use of novel genomic technologies, including single cell methods, forward genetic screens, and long-read transcriptomics, to better understand the mechanisms underlying genetic diseases.