Elham Azizi

Selected Publications

Wang Y*, Fan JL*, Melms JC*, Amin AD, Georgis Y, Ho P, Tagore S, Abril-Rodriguez G, Biermann J, Hofree M, Caprio L, Berhe S, Khan S, Henick BS, Ribas A, Taylor AM, Schwartz GK, Carvajal RD, Azizi E^, Izar B^, Multi-modal single-cell and whole-genome sequencing of minute, frozen specimens to propel clinical applicationsbioRxiv. 2022.

He S, Xu C, Lao YH, Chauhan S, Xiao Y, Willner MJ, Jin Y, McElroy S, Rao SB, Gogos JA, Tomer R, Azizi E, Xu B, Leong KW. Mapping morphological malformation to genetic dysfunction in blood vessel organoids with 22q11. 2 Deletion Syndrome. bioRxiv. 2021.

Bachireddy P*^, Azizi E*^, Burdziak C, Nguyen VN, Ennis C, Maurer K, Park CY, Choo Z-N, Li S, Gohil, SH, Ruthen NG, Ge Z, Keshin D, Cieri N, Livak K, Kim HT, Neuberg DS, Soiffer RJ, Ritz J, Alyea E, Pe'er D^, Wu CJ^. Mapping the evolution of T cell states during response and resistance to adoptive cellular therapyCell Reports37, no. 6: 109992, 2021.

Chen X, Fan L, Park CY, Friend L, Rampersaud S, Plitas G, Rudensky Y, Azizi E^. Semi-supervised Deconvolution of Spatial Transcriptomics in Breast TumorsWorkshop on Computational Biology at ICML2021.

Jin Y*, Toberoff A*, Azizi E^, Transfer learning framework for cell segmentation with incorporation of geometric features, LMRL Workshop at NeurIPS, 2020