Xuebing Wu

Xuebing Wu


Assistant Professor of Medical Sciences (in Medicine and in Systems Biology)


Department of Systems Biology
Department of Medicine

Xuebing Wu, PhD, joined Columbia University as an assistant professor in November, 2018. Dr. Wu received his BS and MS in Control Science and Engineering from Tsinghua University, Beijing. He pursued his PhD in Computational and Systems Biology at MIT with Phillip Sharp and Christopher Burge. He worked as an Helen Hay Whitney Fellow in Dr. David Bartel’s lab at Whitehead Institute/MIT prior to joining Columbia. The Wu lab integrates CRISPR, genomics, and machine learning to both decode and target RNA in human health and disease. The Wu lab seeks to bridge the discovery of basic mechanisms of gene regulation with the development of novel therapeutics for human diseases, focusing on cancer and cardiometabolic diseases.

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Dr. Xuebing Wu Named Pew-Stewart Scholar
Congratulations to Xuebing Wu, PhD, assistant professor of systems biology, who has been selected a Pew-Stewart Scholar for his work in cancer research. As a Pew scholar, Dr. Wu will investigate the dysregulation of messenger RNA structure in the development of breast cancer.
Decoding and Targeting RNA with CRISPR
Xuebing Wu, PhD, joined the Department of Systems Biology in the fall of 2018, with a joint appointment in the Department of Medicine’s Cardiology Division. He also is a member of the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia and the Data Science Institute, and his lab straddles basic science and computational biology. In this faculty Q+A, we learn how the Wu lab is making an impact in novel therapeutics. At the center of Dr. Wu's research interests is understanding the fundamental principles of gene regulation in human cells through integrative genomics approaches.