Antonina Silkov

Antonina Silkov is an associate research scientist in the Honig Lab. Her research is focused on structural mechanisms of cellular signaling; in particular, on finding the structural determinants of protein-membrane and protein-protein interactions.

Her activities include investigation of structural mechanisms of cancer progression such as analysis of the impact of mutations on protein-protein interactions, formation of macromolecular cancer-related complexes, and interaction of these complexes with cellular membranes. She also combines protein structural analysis with the statistical analysis of microarray data to get insight into competitive protein-protein interactions in cancer.

Before joining the Honig Lab, Antonina was an associate research scientist in Diana Murray's lab, where her research was focused on systematically analyzing the family of membrane-binding proteins 

Education History

PhD, Weizmann Institute of Science
Molecular Biology

MSc, Simferopol State University, Ukraine
Biological Chemistry


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