Gorka Lasso Cabrera

Gorka Lasso Cabrera


Associate Research Scientist

Gorka Lasso is an associate research scientist in the laboratory of Barry Honig and Sagi Shapira. His research focuses on the prediction of protein-protein interactions (PPIs) between viruses and their host. During his PhD at Swansea University, Wales, he developed of bioinformatics tools to annotate α-helical membrane proteins under the supervision of Jonathan Mullins. Following this, he moved to Mikel Valle’s lab at CICbioGUNE, Spain, as a postdoctoral research scientist. There, he combined cryo-electron microscopy and protein structure modeling in order to understand the intricate relationship between conformational variability and molecular function.

Education History

PhD, Swansea University                                                                                                               Bioinformatics

BS, University of Navarra                                                                                                               Biochemistry


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