Howook Hwang

Howook Hwang


Senior Computational Scientist

As a senior computational scientist in the Honig Lab, Howook Hwang is investigating and developing computational algorithms for using protein structure to predict protein-protein and protein-small ligand interactions on a genome-wide scale. His approach integrates cutting edge template-based methods and empirical score based methods using various machine learning techniques including Bayesian network methods to analyze large collections of biological data and elucidate interaction specificities among the molecules. Dr. Hwang earned his PhD in bioinformatics working in Zhiping Weng’s lab at Boston University (Dr. Weng has since moved to Umass Medical School.) For his thesis he developed algorithms and a database for predicting protein-protein binding activity.

Education History

PhD, Boston University Bioinformatics

BA, George Mason University Computer Science


* Indicates authors contributed equally


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