José Garzón

José Garzón


Postdoctoral Research Scientist


(212) 851-4656

José I. Garzón is an associate research scientist in the laboratory of Barry Honig. His current research is related to the design and implementation of methods for the prediction of protein-protein interactions on a genome-wide scale and their integration with systems biology approaches. The goal of this approach is to integrate structural evidence with functional, evolutionary, and expression data to produce wide and highly reliable predictions. Finally, the predicted set of interactions in the human genome produced by this approximation will be employed to understand disease mechanisms through the structure-enabled annotation of disease mechanisms through the structure-enabled annotation of disease-related SNPs and determination of cancer protein-protein interactions.

Prior to his recruitment for Honig's group, José was a member of  Pablo Chacón's group at the Centro Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC) in Spain, where he earned his PhD in computer sciences. In the Chacón Group he implemented new, efficient applications for the resolution of a variety of structural bioinformatics docking problems. He also designed strategies for running these applications on grid computing platforms, improving their execution with cache mechanics.

Education History

PhD, Universidad Computense, Madrid, Spain

Bsc, Universidad de Granada, Spain
Computer Sciences


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