Joshua Broyde

Joshua Broyde


Graduate Student

I am a joint graduate research assistant in the Honig Lab and the Califano Lab, and an awardee of the Training Grant in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. My current interest is developing novel methods that utilize both structural biology approaches and systems biology methods to further understand misregulated pathways in cancer. In particular, we are interested in the KRAS signaling pathway, which is frequently hyperactivated in many forms of cancer due to mutations in the KRAS gene. Taking advantage of the wealth of structural information available, including state of the art homology modeling, we are computationally determining the direct binding partners of KRAS. In addition to using structural methods, we are also using network based methods (such as the ARACNE, MINDy, and VIPER algorithms developed in the Califano lab) to determine the precise effect that KRAS mutations have on downstream effectors of the KRAS signaling pathway. 

Education History

BA, Yeshiva University