Julia Brasch

Julia Brasch


Senior Experimental Scientist
Honig-Shapiro Lab


(212) 851-5382

Julia  Brasch is a senior experimental scientist in the laboratory of Lawrence Shapiro and Barry Honig. Her research is focused on understanding the binding specificity patterns of closely related cell adhesion molecules of the cadherin superfamily, which mediate intercellular adhesion in vertebrate solid tissue formation and maintenance. This work uses structural and biophysical approaches to understand how molecular specificity underlies tissue segregation, architecture of organs, and neural positioning in the spinal cord.   Recently, she works with the Simon’s Electron microscopy center at the New York Structural Biology Consortium where she employs single particle cryo-electron microscopy and cryo-tomography for structure determination of large cadherin family members and the study molecular assembly mechanisms. Her PhD work which was performed as collaboration between the Leibniz University of Hannover (Germany) and the laboratory of Lawrence Shapiro at Columbia University. Julia investigated the properties and binding behavior of vascular endothelial cadherin, a member of the classical cadherin family, which is crucial for the formation of adherens junctions in the vertebrate vascular system. The work sparked her interest in the fascinating world of cell adhesion and signaling molecules

Education History

PhD (Dr. rer. nat.), Leibniz University 
Hanover, Germany

Diplom in Biochemistry, Leibniz University 
Hanover, Germany


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