Phini Katsamba


Senior Experimental Scientist
Honig-Shapiro Lab

Phini Katsamba is a research scientist in the laboratories of Barry Honig and Lawrence Shapiro. In her research she applies her knowledge of surface plasmon resonance (SPR) biosensors to characterize the heterophilic binding properties of adhesion molecules. In collaboration with crystallographers and bioinformatics experts, Phini’s goal is to understand the mechanisms that determine recognition and specificity between interacting molecules and how their behavior at the molecular level can explain their cellular behavior in adhesion as observed during morphogenesis and tissue remodeling. 

Prior to joining the Honig/Shapiro group, Phini was a postdoctoral scientist with David Myszka’s group at the University of Utah, where she employed the use of SPR biosensors in studies of macromolecular interactions. She obtained her PhD from the University of Southern California, where she studied the binding kinetics of RNA binding proteins with their RNA targets in the group of Ite Laird-Offringa

Education History

PhD, University of Southern California
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 

BSc, University of California San Diego
Chemistry and Biochemistry


* equal author contributions

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