Qinghong Yan

Qinghong Yan


Scientist, Amgen

I am a wet-lab postdoctoral research scientist working closely with dry lab scientists in the Zhang Lab. My research focuses on the splicing regulatory network of RNA binding proteins in the brain and in embryonic stem cell-derived motor neurons. I have worked on generating mouse cortex development transcriptome data, which has been used to uncover so-called "dark matter" in the mammalian transcriptome. I have participated in the establishment of the Rbfox regulatory network and am studying the function of Rbfox RNA-binding proteins in ES cell-derived neurons by making perturbations using the CRISPR/Cas9 genome-engineering technique.

Prior to joining Columbia University, I conducted research on transcription regulation and the evolution of the mammalian electrophysiological system in the lab of David McKinnon at Stony Brook University, where I received my PhD in neuroscience.

Education History

PhD, Stony Brook University 

BSc, Nankai University
Biological Science


* indicates equal author contributions

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