Sakellarios Zairis

Sakellarios Zairis


MD/PhD Student

I am an MD/PhD student working on applications of machine learning techniques to basic problems in genetics and biochemistry. My thesis was supervised by Raul Rabadan and focused on computational approaches to the genomics of clonal evolution. As part of this work I co-developed pipelines for detecting oncogenic gene fusions and oncoviruses from RNA sequencing of human cancers. I also developed a novel computational framework for the visualization and statistical analysis of tumor and viral evolution. The approach built on recent mathematical progress in modeling phylogenetic tree spaces. I continue to be interested in basic cancer and viral genetics, as well as emerging approaches for directing the evolution of synthetic genomes.

Before beginning the MD/PhD program I received my BA in physics and MS in biomedical engineering from Columbia. During that period of five years I worked with Szabolcs Marka's experimental astrophysics lab, searching for gravitational waves in the LIGO data stream; Eric Kandel's neurobiology lab, studying the non-proteolytic role of ubiquitination in long-term memory and synaptic plasticity; and Paul Sajda's laboratory for intelligent imaging and neural computing, augmenting human performance in visual classification tasks via EEG-based brain-computer interfacing.

See also: Graduate Students Invent Technique for Reprogramming Translation.

Education History

MS, Columbia University
Biomedical Engineering

BA, Columbia University


** member of the HPN-DREAM Consortium

* indicates equal author contributions

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