Sebastien Weyn

Sebastien Weyn


Staff Associate

I am an Integrated Program PhD student in the laboratory of Chaolin Zhang. My work focuses on elucidating protein-RNA regulation networks on a transcriptome-wide scale, with a current emphasis on the regulation of alternative splicing during development. Some of the key players in this regulation are RNA-binding proteins (RBPs), which are able to create splicing programs that are specific to cell types and developmental time points. My goals are to identify the regulatory targets of these RBPs and determine how the RBPs work together to define specific splicing programs.
I received my BS in in the biochemistry honors program at the University of Texas at Austin. While there, I worked with Igor Ponomarev and Adron Harris to investigate the genetic changes in the brain following alcohol exposure.

Education History

BS, University of Texas at Austin
Biochemistry Honors


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